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Inicially, RFID was used for military purposes, eanbling nations to be aware of aircrafts proximity (not necessarily a friendly one). Currently, it is used in mutiple ways and you have already used it for sure, for example in road tolls.

What is RFID?

The abbreviation RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a system that uses radio signal, with a specific frequency to recognise a card or tag. The purpose is to recognise the identity of the user who is handling that asset.

How does it work?

In real-time fleet management systems, RFID system enbles deriver registration and identification. On top of the dice, it is required to install an accessory named reader, serving the purpose to read card assigned to drivers registered in platform.

When entering the vehicle, driver awaits for the reader beep and swipes the card. The accessory reads card data and sends information for the platform, that matches card to driver and collects subsequent performance data in reports and dashboards.

RFID top advantage

The top advantage of this system is that records and controls drivers that use each vehicle. Via reports and dashboards, is possible to monitor drivers performance real-time, maximising their productivity.

Quatenus products are RFID "ready". Know here our existing professional commercial offer.

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