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According to severals tudies, field services teams age structure is now going down, with younger staff. One of the most important roles for this trend has been taken by technology. e contributo para este importante efeito ao nível da sustentabilidade desta importante atividade foi dado pela Tecnologia. In what way?

#1 Flexibility

Technical profiles staff enjoy working with the latest technology editions, that they use in their personal life in a daily basis. This allows them to update intellectual knowledge and also facilittes personal life balance. This balance is very important for their well-being and consequent work performance stabilization;

#2 Induction and ongoing training

This new technologial generation is collabortive by nature. Always-on connectivity and real-time training tools enable knowledge toflow in a smooth, fast and efficient ways along staff. As time goes by and good practices with clients happen, these can also be easily transmitted across teams, elevating quality of service delivered;

#3 Focus on client relationship

With technology helping to free teams of "by the script" procedures, its members can focus more on the client relationship side of the service. Being field services teams in most cases the sole physical contact point between the company and clients, it is crutial to plant a good image in the minds of clients;

#4 Teams performance improvement

Planning and measuring tasks management across each team member, answers to simple questions like...

- Where are my teams?

- How long each team member is on client premises per month?

- How long and costly is worth the deliver of specific service type?

... are instantaneous, enabling  a joint effort between management and staff to improve performance metrics and consequently benefit teams, corporations and,  um trabalho em conjunto de melhoria do desempenho que vai beneficiar equipas, empresas and, especially, clients.

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