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Please find some questions that illustrate the
daily experience as our future business partner
and operations support we provide to all our clients.
What are the required steps to distribute Quatenus products in my country?

We have developed an onboarding methodology which has been optimized in Quatenus international expansion. It consits in 6 steps:
1. Exploratory contacts with our Global Sales team, triggered via eamil to;
2. Local market study implementation, with Global Sales team support;
3. Commercial offering structure, including products and pricing;
4. Business Plan production, including above mentioned points, together with marketing strategy, operating and financial planning;
5. Contract signature with Quatenus International;
6. Training & Certification, ensuring that our business partners are prepared to sell, install and provide support to local Quatenus clients.

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How long does the imlementation of these steps take?

The future is now, so you can count on Quatenus Imternation full support to implement these 8 steps in approximately 2 months, starting to operate immediately after this time window. For such an agressive time-to-market the proprietary Quatenus QBM is of the essence (facilitating commercial, logistics and financial flows), together with a full dedidcation and commitment towards agreed scheduled from everyone involved i the process.

What kind of support can I expect from Quatenus International to manage my business?

With a current presence in 4 continents we support you all the way, with a dedicated team that aims to ensure our business partners:
- training & certification;
- continuous technical support;
- marketing and strategic best practices share.

In what way does Quatenus International shares operational risk?

On top of the team work in the local venture set-up and ongoing exploration support, Quatenus International has a very flexible and attractive revenue share policy. It can reach 70%... for you!

What is a geo entity? And a geo area?

A geo entity is a point of interest, as the corporate headquarters address. A geo area is a area of interest.

Which notifications will i be able to receive?

It is possible to receive the following notifications via email or sms:
- engine excessive rotation (RPM);
- sharp acceleration or braking;
- energy on / off-;
motion without ignition on;
- entrance and exit of geo-area;
- overspeed;
- trip outside working schedule.
(scheduled reports also to consider).

How can i receive an email with my fleet report?

Scheduling submission in the management platform. In the option Manage / Reports, select report type and click on "Schedule" button.

How can i know where my mobile asset was in a specific date?

In Management platform "explore" option, select date in calendar and press "history" button.

How can i track my mobile asset real-time?

Checking "online" option of "explore" option in management platform.

Which reports can i collect?

The reports are sorted out by groups: Activity, Communication, Technical, Management, Performance, Safety and Teams.

How can i search for addresses?

In Tools tab you can find option Address search.

How can i check the route made between two locations?

In option "journal", selecting a trip made we can observe the route on the map.

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